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Wedding Shows

Granary Estates hosts Newmarket Journal Wedding Show...

Quite often, when we think of weddings, we think of ballrooms, churches, and any great place where we can gather with the people we care about and share an important moment in time with the people we love. 

However, horses, straw, or barns are rarely talked about when discussing the destination for a big wedding show. With that being said, something like that type of setup can be the topic of quite an interesting discussion...


Read: Granary Estates hosts Newmarket Journal Wedding Show

Are You ready to go to a Wedding Show?

Weddings can be really stressful events. To the point that many couples are just happy when it's all over and done. However, attending a wedding show can be a ton of fun. Especially if you make it a group event where relatives, friends, or even the other person involved in the wedding comes along. This is the point where it usually hits the couple that, "We're really getting married!"


What is a Wedding Show?

For couples who have no clue of where to start when it comes to organizing their wedding, a wedding show is sort of a course that shows them a little of everything they need to know to make the event a success.


You can find ideas on where to have the ceremony, to what to have at the ceremony. Information about wedding planners, traditions, etc.

You can meet musicians you may potentially hire, see flowers you may fall in love with, people who may marry you, dresses and suits you may purchase, Linen ideas, makeup and hair stylists, etc. Everything you may need under one roof. You may even get lucky and be able to try out a few dishes from a caterer. Don't forget about the cake! It's wedding vendor heaven.


Depending on how large the show is, there may even be contests taking place. You could get lucky and win prizes, or even get a great deal on a dress. Of course, the highlight of any wedding is the honeymoon that follows. So what would a wedding show be without a chance to check out some really cool destinations to retreat to once your big day is over? And if you can win a free trip while at the wedding or bridal show, that makes the honeymoon even that much sweeter. Nothing like saving a few bucks on an expensive wedding ceremony.


Who hosts the show will have a lot to do with what vendors and types of things you see on display. Those vendors will likely be on a list of vendors who are approved by the facility. They may all be different companies, or may all be affiliated with the in-house host. That may be a way for them to market their facility, or if they are a non biased location, there could be attempts and displays from several potential wedding venues. 

Mostly, keep in mind that the wedding or bridal show should be a time to enjoy the gift of love and marriage, and a time to reflect on all of the potential perks that come along with it...



Wedding Shows

Recent comments :


The big event at Cal Expo should be really fun and exciting.

The wedding show we were invited to is actually near Redding Ca.

I hope there are at least a few good ones located in Sacramento.

Casting for that show is taking place right now as we speak!

I would hate to be stuck on an island on my big day.

Going there will help you get several ideas for your ceremony.

I heard that there's a new show called wedding island on tlc.

I searched for wedding island tlc to get more info. on the program.

I've never been to Vancouver before, but I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun.

That's one of the most interesting trade shows I've ever been to.
Most of our family is in South Florida, so it should be easy to meet up with everyone.

The groom is from Dallas, and the bride is from Austin.

I think St. Louis is a great place to have the ceremony.

We left everything in Tampa. We'll be able to go get it all tomorrow.

How long will they be staying in Atlanta?

I think it's the 7th time we've been here in Raleigh NC.

I guess Boise is an ok place to have us all get together.

I've been planning this wedding for over a year now.

Last minute.


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