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* Wedding Hair Ideas


Rooney Mara Makes a Case for the Mini Middle Part

Wedding hair and makeup inspo from Cannes.


Who needs normal and safe hairstyles? That's for the followers with the sheep mentality, right? Who's to say that simple isn't better? Updo, braids; what's the best decision for you on your big day?

Well the good news is, it's YOUR day. So that means you should pretty much do whatever the heck you feel is right in your heart. Ever thought of a part right smack dab in the middle? 

Whatever you decide, you probably should figure it out fairly quickly, as wedding season is soon approaching...


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Wedding Hair Ideas For Your Special Day... Team


For a bride, when it comes to hairstyles, there's many things to consider before making a decision. These bridal tresses are very important in the grand scheme of things. If you had the perfect wedding, what would you picture as the hairstyle of choice? One determining factor can be based on the dress you choose to wear for the special day. Some hairstyles just don't look right with certain dress designs. 


Many brides choose to wear their hair pinned up, and away from their face. This not only allows you to adapt more to different dress designs, but also can allow you to show slightly more skin around the neck and shoulder areas. This will give the feel of seduction toward the groom.


There are few times when the need to have your hair down is appealing. This is because long and dangling hair can not only distract from your dress, but it can also get in the way.  Also, keeping your hair clear of your face can help everyone, including photographers and videographers, capture the priceless expressions you exchange with the groom. 


Don't overlook the hair style you choose, as it is just as important as the dress you select. Plan just as early for choosing your hairstyle as you do in choosing your perfect dress. If they are a perfect match, chances are you'll look just as stunning as you feel...




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