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3 Major Drawbacks of Tattoos

By Shazar Shafqat

People often rate tattoos as something that can really add to their physical appeal. The real scenario is indeed pretty different. More than 50% of the youth tend to look down upon the people, which go for the tattoos. There are many problems related to the usage of tattoos, and if you are not considering these, then you are really asking for trouble. Tattoos can indeed become the bane of your life if you do not put due emphasis considering the harmful aspects. If you are interested in knowing the harmful side of tattoos, then all you need is to grab a cup of tea, coffee or whatever, and just read the rest of the article. Come hell or high water, you have to ensure that you work on your health that is indeed the real wealth. Following are some of the problems related to the usage of tattoos.


Should Artists Record Albums Anymore?

By Marion H Moore


As a music artist in today's world of digital downloads the question just keeps coming up over and over again, should an artist release a full album or just focus on singles and relentless promotion on the social media sites?

Does the "average" person really listen to an album all the way through or is today's iPod driven culture changing the way people perceive music?

As an artist, regardless of genre, this is a very important question that each artist must figure out if they are going to maximize their careers. I have done a lot of research into this topic and have interviewed hundreds of artists and bands in regards to this subject matter.

Small Towns Without Movie Theaters Show Movies Outdoors

By Paul B Murray


Outdoor movie events bring the movie theater experience outside to create a fun and unique cinema experience. Modern equipment allow outdoor movie viewers to enjoy the same high quality experience enjoyed by traditional movie house patrons. For towns without movie theaters, outdoor movies are a great alternative.

Currently, there are small towns all over the country without cinema complexes. By 2013, more small movie-picture theaters could be closing their doors when the movie industry switches to all-digital technology. Films will no longer be released in traditional 35 millimeter film prints, and theaters without the technology to show digital films will be forced to shut down. The cost of converting to digital in a movie house is around $65,000, leaving this conversion out of reach for many small, older movie theaters.

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