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There's a lot more to becoming a great filmmaker than being familiar with these often-heard commands. Filmmaking is one of the most collaborative art forms in the entire world. It combines writing, drama, photography, architecture, choreography, sound, music, and montage. And those are just the principle talents involved; do not forget the production teams of budgeters, schedulers and location managers. Ever watch the end credits of a movie? Hundreds of dedicated artists and technicians pull together to create cinematic magic. If you've ever wanted to be part of this team, or even to lead one as a director, then you'll need the tools and resources to help you break into the industry.

Film Review and Thoughts on 'Any Questions for Ben?'

By Harriet Kempton



"Never Mistake Motion For Action" - Ernest Hemingway

I recently went to see the film, Any Questions for Ben? about a 27year old man who is having a 'quarter life crisis'... his friends, his family, his mentor, the girls he sleeps with and the people he works with all think he has it all... His mentor, Sam tells Ben upfront "you've got the best life of anyone I know".

From the outside doesn't everyone look like they have the best life you know? But at the end of the day it is not about looking at everyone else's life but living the best life YOU know you can live. Finding a passion, being passionate, letting go of the past, being involved and doing something you love is what makes it the best life, your best life. By daring ourselves to be brave, seeking out a new adventure or going outside our comfort zone are all things which will allow us to live the path we are meant to live. Even if we fight against our true purpose, life often has a way of pushing us back on the path we are meant to be on. So rather than fighting against the grain perhaps it is time to take stock of what is going on around us and live the life you know you were born to live.


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Film Review: 'The Dark Knight Rises' Ends Nolan's Trilogy In Massively Epic Fashion

Plans. The very thing that we, as human beings, believe we have become so adept at fashioning that we sorely fail to take the time to reflect and realize that all those plans mean little in the grand scheme of things. Plans for our week i.e. our daily agendas. Plans for our weekends, family and vacation time. Plans for our lives. Life. Something so fragile, yet something we treat so brazenly - that often times, we forget that for all our planning, one never truly knows if he or she will be here long enough to see those plans realized.


The Oakland Athletics have been my favorite team ever since I went to their games for my elementary field trips.

The Raiders  have always had a bad boy image in comparison to the rest of the NFL.

The Community College isn't a bad option if you're not going to a University.

We have to be at the airport by 5pm. Please hurry.

The last time we went to the Oakland zoo, it was so much fun.

We used to get the Oakland Tribune over 20 years ago.

I don't believe they have the story in the press Tribune.

I did not go to high school out there. That's when we moved.


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