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How It's Done: Rockstar Releases Video Production Editor For GTA So Fans Can Make Films

So as we see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to video and the never ending tools available to be creative and noticed online. If you can think it up, you can pretty much make it materialize on the big screen; or the little screen (online)  for that matter.

How cool would it be to use some of the most popular tools and gadgets out there to help fine tune your unique vision? What if you could give feedback, or even create your own project regarding the great video game phenomenon that is Grand Theft Auto? Apparently, that's exactly what's been taking place...


Read:  How It's Done: Rockstar Releases Video Production Editor For GTA So Fans Can Make Films


What Is an Audio Compressor and How Does It Work?

 By Gerad K Clarkson


What Is an Audio Compressor and How Does It Work?

An audio compressor is a tool that reduces the volume of loud sounds by narrowing or "compressing" an audio signal's dynamic range. Simply put, it keeps loud sounds from getting too loud. An audio compressor is a great tool for studios and live sound production. Whether you are mixing a new CD, a choir at your local church or a small band in a coffee shop, having one or two handy is always a great idea.

Audio compressors have many uses. Some of the most common are:

  • Vocals - Controlling an overbearing vocalist that has a very wide dynamic range
  • Drums - Giving a loud drummer a little more finesse by limiting his dynamic range
  • Guitars - Because guitarists have a volume knob on their guitar, they are subject to turning it up when it doesn't really need to be turned up

Almost any instrument or vocal can benefit from a little compression, but you never want to compress everything that you are mixing. If you can't control the volume and dynamic range of a specific instrument/vocal with the gain and fader, then maybe you need to use a compressor.


Top Modeling Agencies - How to Find Yourself The Right One

By Rajesh B Sanghvi


In this industry, the modeling agencies are your lifeline, and it is impossible for the industry to survive without these agents. The agencies serve to supply constant and professional numbers of talented models to the industry. Their budgets are immense to ease their nurturing and growth of modeling talent. They invest a lot of money working with the top designers, and the models they represent, and this is not in vain. This line of work is profitable, and the rewards of these investments always pay off. As a model, on the other hand, being represented by such top agencies is the highlight of the career. There are endless opportunities and assignments are highly profitable. All the leading companies come to these agents to make branding deals.



Process Of Applying To The Best Film Schools

By Sabrina Jose


If you have decided to make your career in the film industry, it is a must today that you apply to a decent film school. This is because it gives you right platform that will help you launch your career in the film industry. With the help of these film schools, you can make sure that you have the right knowledge and the background for any field in the movie industry. It is not just about acting in the movies today.

Making a movie or a television show today would demand work from all departments of the industry. This is because the quality of a movie or a show today is given great importance. Therefore, you need to ensure that each department is doing their job to the top-notch quality so that the overall quality is increased. These departments can range from makeup to production to lights to camera to costumes to acting and many other such departments exist that make up for the total constitution of the movie.


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