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Careers As a Musician - Numerous Opportunities for Aspiring Musicians

By Shahin Parekh


The majority of musicians receive training from an early age and continue to study either in music schools or privately. Most of the professionals have to their credit many years of study, where they get to specialize in classical or popular music. Manual dexterity comes handy in ensuring success with playing instruments. Musicians also need an "ear" to capture differences in pitches. Furthermore, individuals need to possess a passion for the style of music they choose to specialize. Impressive careers as a musician can be found in many place. You can take up the challenge to perform in a symphony orchestra, rock groups, bands or jazz. Classical musicians perform their music in operatic and theatrical productions, recitals, concerts and symphony orchestras.

Possessing a strong physical and mental discipline

A musician who has learnt how to play instruments including trumpets, organs, rhythm instruments (i.e. piano, guitar, drums or string bass), trombone, saxophone or clarinet can join a musician band to perform at parties, receptions and restaurants. Organists often play in churches and direct choirs. Meanwhile, pianists perform in small clubs, television or concert stage. They usually accompany instrumental soloists, choral groups or vocal.

4 Keys to Successful Event Promotion

By Jonathan Reynold


In this age of information overload, it is becoming harder and harder to get people to attend your events. The same person is receiving invitations to say 20 different companies. Thus, it doesn't really matter whether you are organizing a fundraising campaign or a business dinner; your ultimate goal is to attract maximum people to your program and get them to actually show up for the same. Let's discuss the R.S.V.P. approach. It is one smartest tool available by which you can innovatively promote your events.

R - Repetition

You have to repeatedly hammer your message to the target audience. Most people are extremely busy nowadays; they ignore or simply delete emails from unknown senders. But if you send it a couple of more times, they may just become curious enough to open and check what it's all about. Thus, if you have the money and the staff, try to include a series of effective communication strategies to market your program. You can simply start with a mini teaser promo and then send out a "Save the Date" message. Your email headline should be eye-catching plus the text should be short and to-the-point for people usually don't have much time to sit back and read a lengthy emails.

Prehistoric Mammoths in Films

By Mike Walley


Prehistoric Mammoths in the Cinema

No prehistoric movie or television series which is set in the Stone Age seems complete without at least one Woolly Mammoth being included. Normally it is the dinosaurs that dominates the movies, but if you are going to write a script about the Ice Age or about early mankind then a Woolly Mammoth seems a prerequisite for film makers. Now that CGI has come to the fore, depicting these large elephants with their long shaggy fur coats is not too much of a problem. Although we have been told by technicians and CGI operators that getting the fur to look realistic on screen is quite a challenge, at least with dinosaurs (feathered ones excepted), the computer experts are not encumbered with these skin features and dinosaurs are to some extent a little easier to re-create for the big screen.


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