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Call 12 gets wedding video for newlyweds...

When we decide to set a wedding day, send out invitations, and go through the complex process of making sure everything goes exactly according to plan, it's tough when you find out that one of the most important pieces of the puzzle doesn't pan out accordingly.

Weddings are usually expensive occasions that you hope you get your money's worth for. Unfortunately, the money paid isn't always for what you anticipated. That's why it's always best to check the companies you hire out thoroughly before forking up your hard earned cash.


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Tom Hanks Photobombs New York Wedding...

A wedding is a time to celebrate that once in a lifetime (hopefully) moment that caps off the great times you've had with that someone special. We invite family, friends, and try to create something that will last forever. Sometimes, however, we may get those unexpected guests who may just take it upon themselves to drop by. But Tom Hanks? Most of us never expect Tom Hanks to drop by...

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Patterns of Life Emerge in Petri Dish Macro Videography...

How does life form? Where does it begin or end? Is it possible to get the process going in a man made environment? Maybe looking at patterns can tell us about the unknown. Can we create the things needed to allow this process to complete?

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Is Canon Losing the Budget Videography Market?

I remember when we first got started in the video industry. Canon was and still is what most students and newbies learn the ins and outs of film and videography on. They've long been one of the industry leaders, not only because of the sheer popularity of the brand, but also because they are one of the best options on price, flexibility, and many video industry pros are introduced to this new Universe through professors who push the features and benefits of Canon and the new DSLR revolution. 

Being a Nikon guy now, I still have great respect for Canon. However, curiosity and the urge to be different than the rest was the reason we started to pivot into the direction of Nikon. Now, with Sony and Panasonic stepping their games up in the 4K revolution movement, the game is ready to be changed once again...


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Chelsea Houska Talks Wedding to Cole DeBoer, Plans for Second Ceremony After Baby Arrives

So is there any time of year when it doesn't feel like wedding season? Whether we're in the season or not, it's hard to deny that year round, it feels like there's some kind of wedding going on for someone, somewhere. 

When you're married, that's one thing, but when the expected bundle of joy follows, most see it as just another step in the mission called life. Some see it as an opportunity to make things even more official... 



Drones are becoming more and more popular these days. People always ask if they can be incorporated into the wedding video production plans. Project wise, I think that utilizing a drone can definitely increase the potential budget and enhance the look of a highlight video.

There are some things to think about when thinking about using a drone on your next production. 

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