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*Wedding Poems

Wedding Poems

Insane Buzz Team

Reciting poems during a wedding has become a popular past time for many who seek to add creativity to the occasion.  Sometimes you may tend to have all kinds of thoughts and ideas in mind, but trying to express just the right way to say  is a challenge.  The good news is, there's plenty of examples out there. Many have executed the task to make it that much easier on you. All you're left to do is figure out which one you think expresses just how you feel.


Many poems have been written specifically for the special occasion of a wedding. However, going to the library and spending hours trying to filter through them all is not a practical way to spend your day. Fortunately, this is the information age, and these things are now at our fingertips. Simply type into your favorite search engine, the type of theme you're looking for, and chances are you will stumble upon something perfect for you specific needs. These popular poems can be read along with any speeches or other aspects of the gathering. A poem for vows, memories, friendships, etc. It really just depends on what exactly you're trying to express.


The most important thing is, try to speak from your heart. What do you really feel? Give a unique and personal experience that no one else will be able to duplicate. Rather than just tell everyone how you met the bride or groom for example, write a poem incorporating those original experiences into it. Mix your creativity with your experience. No one can ever say that a poem that you created based on your own experiences is a right or wrong one. However they feel about it when it's all said and done, they'll more than likely appreciate your insight and perspective...



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