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Video Production 2: Capturing Speaker Videos:

Demand for video in the content marketing mix is high. Equally high are the human and financial resources needed to produce video, especially when a video needs to be created from scratch. Creating original content from scratch is a challenge, in any format, creatively, logistically, and financially. Video is even more so.

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Video Production 2: Capturing Speaker Videos

This Is The World’s First 3D Camera Computer...

Take this device and scan an object to make 3D prints, give an AI machine an extra set of brains with the Persee’s suit of sensors, use voice commands to surf the web when connected to your TV, use gestures to control your connected devices, uses this product has a range of possibilities.


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Combining Still And Video Productions:
Combining Still and Video Productions: Danielle Levitt for I-D Magazine - See more at:

By David Walker

As more photographers move into motion and promote their skills as directors, they can sometimes find themselves pulled in two directions on assignments, when the client wants them to deliver great stills as well as high-quality video. According to veteran photographer-directors PDN spoke to, the first step in managing a combined production is to separate the shoots for stills from the shoot for the video—by carrying them out at different times or in slightly separate locations. 


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4 Signs You Need A Web Video Production

If you plan on having any type of success on the vast world of the internet, then video production services might be a useful option for you. Video says a lot. If a picture says a thousand words, video could possibly say a million. 

Video can be used to peak interest, educate, provide a virtual experience, and add a little spice to your product or service. It's a form of engagement that comes 2nd only to an in person meeting. 


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How Setting the Video Production Bar Low Can Lead to Higher Viewer Engagement


YouTube was built on video content that was cheap and cheerful to produce - I’m talking vertical cell phones, scratchy audio and 320x240 video that looked so bad 360p was considered high quality. Now, as users race to acquire the latest and greatest technology to stay ahead of the pack, something can be said for hanging near the back. 


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 Las Vegas commercial video production

How Small Business Can Get the Most Out of a Video Production Budget

Remember when everyone needed to be convinced they needed a reason to have a business website? Now it seems as if the same thing is taking place in the internet video arena. With that being said, you shouldn't waste any time getting that system up and running. 

If you want to take advantage of the effectiveness of online video to put your product or service right in front of your potential customers, and give them that "In Person" feel of a hand on experience,


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The Reason You Should Hire a Video Production Company In Las Vegas:

Have a special event to catch on camera? Wold love to get that professional and polished look for your business or service? In the ever changing technology age, things seem to evolve all the time. What once used to seem like a luxury to  be able to afford, is pretty much a necessity. 

The good thing is, video production or videography does not need to cost an arm and a leg just so you can stay in this competitive race.  You can now find ways to incorporate video ideas into almost every aspect of business, whether it be in the form of advertising, promotion, training, or just for educational purposes. 

Here are a few reasons you should hire a video production company: Read More...




Las Vegas Commercial Video Production

Blue Man Group launches revamped version of classic production :


Remember the Blue Man Group? I never quite got what the fuss was all about, but apparently not everyone sees it that way. We knew it was a really popular group. But what was the talk about? Based on the latest coming out of Vegas, the group is actually planning for a revamped version of the classic production.

At the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, the show is taken to the next level. Everything in Vegas is taken to the extreme in order to say it's greater than usual. The New Blue Man Group is a good example. There's some new surprises for all who attend the new show. 


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